Buttons Book I … page 57

The book's main character, 19 year old Lance Ryder, talking with his French tutor about the bite marks he’d left on one of her breasts and the subsequent verbal exchange she had with her husband.

“So, what did your husband say after he saw the bite marks?”

 “He knew I’d taken a lover, but he didn't know who it was. He probably thinks it’s one of the graduate students that I’m tutoring or maybe the milkman, I really don’t know.”

 “Didn't he ask, surely he wanted some information, something?”

 “I never asked when he had his mistress and he isn't going to ask now that I've got a lover.”

 “But, you don’t have a lover, I mean; I’m not your lover…am I?”

 She put one of her hands on my thigh and gave me a good squeeze.

 “Not yet, my Cherie.”


                                                                       Buttons Book I … Page 350

Lance's girlfriend, Emily, talking on the phone to a guy she recently met named Charlie who wants her to come over to his apartment where members of his basketball team are having a party.

“So you guys talked about doing it after you saw me at the gym…what did everybody say? Have you guys ever done a girl by herself before as a group…but you've talked about it…I figured as much…so this will be a new experience for everyone? Who decides who goes first or does it just happen…interesting…is that what happens when there’s just one girl and six guys…you just take turns fucking me and everybody watches…jeez Charlie.


An amorous fun novel about two mature, 19 year old high school seniors, on the eve of their graduation who fall in love and begin a journey of sexual exploration that takes them into their darkest fantasies.

Nestled in a small Midwest town, our two protagonists challenge one another for valedictorian of their class as they mix a passionate love affair with their adventurous minds in an effort to fulfill their unconventional sexual desires.

Their journey begins with a traditional love connection but quickly shifts course when Emily Bronte accidentally stumbles into a ‘man trap’ in a Penny Arcade as a helpless Lance Ryder can only listen through the adjoining wall to naughty sexual acts that are done to her by a couple of strangers. The two lovers are shaken by this unexpected encounter, but at the same time titillated and exhilarated with unexplained feelings of passion and pleasure from what happened to Emily. A Pandora’s Box of deviant and twisted desires is opened when they decide to delve even deeper into their seductive mind games. 

Emily initially tries to be the perfect girlfriend but deep-seeded dark side cravings ultimately push her to engage in wild and unrestrained sexual behavior that threatens their love affair. Lance’s world has been turned upside down with feelings of confusion and jealousy coupled with those of emotional arousal and intoxicating curiosity. They finally realize they have become addicted to this adventurous life style, and can’t stop. 

The 491 pages are filled with numerous exciting adventures that examine not only Emily and Lance’s deep love connection but take the reader inside their fertile minds and complicated emotional makeup with an in-depth look at why they have chosen to take their romance down this zany path.

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The Trilogy "All Your Buttons" can now be purchased on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as a paperback, eBook, or a Nook Book. [Go to Buy-Book page for more information] or contact me at twotatertotts@aol.com ... [Book IV V VI and VII have been published and are now available] 

Book I has 494 pages and the paperback version is currently selling for $19.00 on Amazon and the Kindle Unlimited offering is free.

A special welcome to all my U.K. fans. Next to the USA you have become my largest group of readers so enjoy and please tell your friends and neighbors about the Button Books... Thanks 

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