Unless you’ve read the first five Button Books it will be difficult to appreciate and comprehend the shocking events that unfold in this very challenging edition.     The main character, 24 year old Lance Ryder, has two wives and a harmonious, loving relationship where they share everything including the same bed. This romantic trilogy of life and love not only goes against the norm of society’s selfimposed rules, but their avant-garde, convoluted lifestyle pushes the envelope to the edge. Emily and Olivia have pledged their love and devotion to Lance, but because he is willing to let them explore other options with their sex lives, the lines of communication have become blurred.     When Lance first met Emily and fell in love, her adventurous spirit was one of the things that attracted him. So, when they married, he encouraged her to continue to be impulsive and daring. This opened the door to one of their first encounters with another man, as well as Olivia becoming Lance’s other wife. Even though they try and maintain a secure, loving marriage as they explore their dark sides, they have become addicted to this dangerous way of loving and living.     In Book V, Olivia enters into this venturesome game and we see a shocking side to her personality, which explodes in Book VI. Her latent desire to participate in masochistic, dark diversions has surfaced and her latest adventure turns into a frightening disaster. This graphic and very explicit encounter is not for those who are easily shocked, so be forewarned before embarking on this naughty, lustful and licentious read.     This steamy offering is not for everyone… so beware!

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