Book IV … Prologue

The love story continues.

 In the first three books the reader has seen a dramatic evolution in the relationship of our two main characters Lance and Emily Ryder. What started out as a very traditional boy-girl, let’s-get-married couple, has become one that includes adventurous risqué sexual experimentation with other people. 

In Book II, their 24 year old high school English teacher, Olivia O’Neil, became a close friend once Emily and Lance graduated from high school and got married. Their friendship blossomed into a love connection and Olivia assumed the role as a second wife for Lance. This less than traditional marriage arrangement seemed to work for all the parties but Lance and Emily have begun to fight and fuss over Emily’s continued peccadilloes with other men. So far Olivia has been a peacekeeper in the couple’s mercurial relationship, but now she’s thinking about exploring an outside experience of her own.

The three lovers take a two week vacation to one of the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain where nudity is accepted as proper beach attire and in the evenings they encounter even more wild and exciting adventures at a local cantina. Once again Emily’s roving eye and flirtatious ways surface and tests the couple’s sense of direction and commitment to their marriage.

When they return to Paris, Lance invites a 60 year old French masseur, Larry Leduc, who works at their health club, to massage both the girls at their Chantilly country home. However, the therapeutic session turns into something far more than just a relaxing massage and opens one more door to the dark side of their twisted, convoluted, and unpredictable sexual adventure.

The story bounces back and forth between their Paris flat and their home in Chantilly, with trips to New York City and their Kansas lake house. This fast pace, devil may care lifestyle tests their love connection over and over and could well be their undoing if they’re not careful. Emily’s unquenchable thirst for sex is pushed to the limit when Lance watches her get pleasured by a gigolo at an exclusive Paris bordello and what was agreed to be only oral pleasuring turns into something far more risqué’.  

Book IV exposes a new side to Lance that you’ve not seen before. Now that he has two wives who enjoy not only his love connection but an occasional dalliance with someone else, his sex life has been turned upside down. In order to keep his marriage to these two highly sexed women in tack his life changes dramatically,

Buttons IV challenges the reader’s imagination as to how such a convoluted arrangement like their marriage and lifestyle can work... or not. Enjoy.


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