Buttons Book III … Page 119 

Lance and Emily have gone to a high classbordello which is next door to their Paris restaurant for an open house and Emily has been invited to be pleasured orally by the resident gigolo Emile while Lance watches. They have just walked into his room and Emily has disrobed and is in Lance’s arms as Emile begins to run his hands and mouth over the backside of her naked body.

"Tell me what to do, baby. I have no will power left; he’s taken all that I have. All I can feel are his hands, his mouth, his hard cock and…”

“You have to tell me you want this.”

 I could feel her fingernails dig into the back of my neck, “I’m to far gone… I can’t say no my darling… I want you to watch a handsome French gigolo pleasure your wife’s naked body.”

 That was the answer he was waiting for, his green light. His arms slid around her waist and with a gentle pull she broke from our embrace. Before I could speak, he lifted her into his arms and carried her to his bed, whatever was next was about to happen. 

                                                                  Buttons Book III … Pages 245 & 246

Emily talking to Lance after she’d been to a exclusive Parisian Health Spa and was massaged by an older masseur who gave both a therapeutic and sensual  treatment with his hands and mouth on her naked body.

"I lost count. After the first few orgasms, I just closed my eyes and let it happen as often as it would and he just kept going and going and…I loved it Lance and I don’t regret letting him pleasure me like that in the least. In some way it was like J.J. fucking me when you were out running around the lake. I loved having those men do the things they did to me, and being alone made it double exciting. I didn't want you there, at least not for this. I selfishly wanted it all for myself, to let him pleasure me without you watching or waiting…I wanted another man who wasn't my husband, to go down on me and to take his time and let me lose my mind and body to a sensual sexual experience with his tongue and his mouth…and that’s exactly what happened.”

The rest of the day was spent upstairs in our bedroom.



In Buttons Book III, the action shifts to New York City and Paris as our young married couple continues their adventurous and precarious journey of exploration into the dark side of their sexuality. Lance has stopped trying to change Emily’s impulsive and unpredictable sexual behavior and tries to tailor his own feelings and emotions to fit hers in order to save their marriage.

Their past high school English teacher, 25-year-old Olivia O’Neil, has taken on the role of a second wife for Lance and has a strong influence on the couple’s life and love connection. Olivia helps steady the ups and downs of Lance and Emily’s relationship and proves to be not only a close friend to Emily, but a surprising lover for Lance.

The enormity of their inheritance begins to unfold; providing Lance the opportunity to show the world his extraordinary business intellect and creative talents as he begins to build his own financial empire. By creating a powerhouse New York City real estate development company in just a few short months, the local media tags the 20-year-old, ‘the boy wonder of Manhattan.’ He attempts to replicate his NYC success in Paris by constructing a similar empire, but Emily’s wild and flirtatious ways could turn their lives upside down if Lance can’t control her capricious and carefree sexual adventures.   

Their Paris restaurant, Bon Ami, becomes a focal point in their lives, as does the neighboring bordello and its stable of young prostitutes and gigolos. Emily is drawn to the mystery and intrigue of the brothel Maison de Plaisir – a new and exciting lifestyle that she can’t seem to stay away from.  Even though they both know how risqué and dangerous it is to venture into this dark and edgy world, they are lured into numerous erotic encounters within the walls of the most famous and exclusive bordello in all of Paris.

 Once again, the ending will leave the reader, gasping, smiling, and wanting more.

"Buttons Book III has 555 pages and the Paperback can be purchased on Amazon for $20.00 but the Kindle Book is currently being offered at the special price of $1.99 . Warning ...Buttons III pushes the erotic envelope and may be to steamy for some readers.  Cependant ... Les hommes et les femmes français adoreront le livre III.

    "Mes lecteurs français vont adorer ce livre puisqu'il a lieu à Paris et si rempli de votre belle langue française."

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