Buttons II … Page 165

Emily and Lance  arein the kitchen discussing whether or not they are going to have their new male friend, J.J. come over and spend another night in bed with them. . Lance is pushing the envelope with his persistent questioning when Emily explodes.  

 “You really do need two men, don’t you, my love?”

“Not all the time, but sometimes I do. I’m just being honest.”

 “But most of the time you’d like that, wouldn't you?”

 “YES!...I’d like him to spend every night in our bed and fuck me as much as he wants, whenever he wants, just like you do. I’d be available to both of you morning, noon, and night just for fucking; you each could have me whenever you wanted me, first come first serve. I’d treat you just like I had two husbands and he could fuck me even if you weren't around as much as he wanted…or I wanted.”

She bit my neck…hard.



The carefree adventures of Lance and Emily Ryder continue as our fun couple pushes their love life and marriage into dangerous territory.

They have just begun to experiment sexually with other people and in the process learned some scary things about their strange desires and the need to savor a different kind of exhilaration and excitement. The exhibitionist in Emily resurfaces and Lance’s latent voyeurism becomes a driving force when they ask another man to share their bed and their lives. 

Emily elicits their former English teacher to help with Lance’s insatiable sex drive and in the process is confronted with an interesting option that will affect how their marriage is constructed and the delicate balance of their love connection.

New York City and Paris France play an important part in their huge inheritance and once they arrive in Paris their life as they know it will never be the same.

Book II is but another stepping stone in their adventurous life together, and like Book I it will keep the reader on edge for all 529 pages. Just about the time you think they couldn't possible do anything wilder than their last sexcapade…look out! 


Buttons Book II is 516 pages and filled with French. The Paperback version can be bought on Amazon for $19.00 and the Kindle offering is $5.99 ... If you liked Buttons I you'll love Buttons II   


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